United MileagePlus now lets you pool your miles with family and friends

United Airlines Introduces MileagePlus Miles Pooling: A Game-Changer for Family Travel

United Airlines has always been at the forefront of providing value to its loyal customers, and its latest announcement is no exception. The airline has introduced a new feature to its MileagePlus loyalty program that allows members to pool their miles with friends and family members. This new feature is aimed at making it easier for travelers to book award travel using MileagePlus miles, creating a more streamlined and user-friendly loyalty experience.

In a press release, Luc Bondar, the chief operating officer of MileagePlus, expressed the airline’s commitment to providing the most value to all its loyalty members. He stated, “MileagePlus miles pooling further reinforces United’s position as the leader in family and group travel and gives our members more flexibility to use their miles while making it easier to connect to the destinations and moments that matter most, with the people that matter most.”

The introduction of miles pooling by United Airlines comes as a welcome development for travelers, especially families looking to maximize their miles for group trips. The ability to pool miles allows members of all ages to share and redeem miles in one account, making it easier to cover the cost of award travel for multiple individuals.

JetBlue’s TrueBlue program introduced points pooling in 2013, and United Airlines’ adoption of this feature is a testament to the growing trend among major U.S. airlines to offer more flexibility and convenience to their loyalty program members.

Key Takeaways of United MileagePlus Miles Pooling

The introduction of MileagePlus miles pooling by United Airlines has several key takeaways that travelers should be aware of:

1. No Age Restriction: Members of all ages can sign up for a MileagePlus account and earn miles, allowing families to pool their miles for award travel.

2. Flexible Redemption: Members can contribute their miles to cover the cost of award travel for multiple individuals, making it easier to plan group trips.

3. Important Rules: There are several rules to keep in mind when it comes to MileagePlus pooling, such as the requirement that the pool leader must be at least 18 years old and that pooling is only valid for United-operated award flights.

4. Contribution Limits: Members can contribute any number of miles to a pool, with no limit on the amount that can be pooled. However, once miles are contributed, they cannot be withdrawn.

5. Reverse Transactions: There is a 24-hour period after contributing miles to a pool during which the transaction can be reversed. After that period, the miles are locked in the pool.

6. Pool Hopping Restrictions: Members are limited in the number of pools they can join and exit, with a 90-day “cooling” period in effect after leaving a pool.

7. Status Implications: Contributing miles to a pool will not affect an individual’s Premier status, and only members traveling on a ticket using pooled miles will earn Premier qualifying points.

Overall, the introduction of MileagePlus miles pooling by United Airlines opens up new possibilities for award travelers, particularly families and infrequent flyers. By allowing members to pool their miles, the airline is giving customers more options and flexibility in how they redeem their miles for travel.

In conclusion, United Airlines’ MileagePlus miles pooling is a game-changer for family travel, making it easier for travelers to plan group trips and maximize their miles for award travel. With important rules and restrictions in place, travelers should be mindful of the implications of pooling their miles and plan accordingly. This new feature is sure to be a hit among United Airlines’ loyal customers and may even attract new members to the MileagePlus program.

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