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Most, but not all, credit accounts (loans, credit cards, utilities, etc.) report to at least one of the three major credit bureaus on a regular basis. But since lenders aren’t required to provide this reporting on a specific schedule, each lender does it at their own cadence. So your credit score can change frequently, based on how much new information is received over a given time period. The more credit accounts you use, the more often data are reported, and the better the chance that your credit score might change in the short term – in certain cases, even daily. For purposes of your free credit score in U.S. Bank mobile and online banking, your score is updated monthly based on the date you enroll in the service. You’ll automatically receive a monthly email notification when your score has been updated.
As a U.S. Bank mobile and online banking customer, you can check your credit score as often as you like (but note that your score will only be updated once per month). It’s a great way to monitor changes in your creditworthiness – and watch out for unexpected impacts caused by reporting errors or fraudulent transactions, which may be a tipoff that your identity has been compromised.
No. You can monitor your credit score as closely as you like without taking a “hit” to your credit. The VantageScore credit score provided in U.S. Bank mobile and online banking is for educational purposes only and is not used by U.S. Bank to make credit decisions.
The credit score you see in U.S. Bank mobile and online banking is a unique score derived from the VantageScore 3.0 model to help you understand your creditworthiness. The model incorporates the same data considered by the three main credit reporting companies (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian). The scores generated by these companies make up part of your credit report, which is a more comprehensive collection of information about your financial activity and credit history. You’re entitled by federal law to obtain and evaluate your free credit report once a year from each of the credit reporting companies. You can request your free credit report at