This is the highest-rated cruise destination in the world — and it’s not what you think

Cruising is a popular vacation choice for many travelers around the world. The allure of visiting multiple destinations while enjoying luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, and entertainment onboard a floating resort is undeniable. With so many cruise destinations to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which port of call is the highest-rated in the world.

Many travelers might assume that iconic cities like Barcelona, Rome, Athens, or Amsterdam would be the top-rated cruise destinations. Others might think of Sydney or Tokyo as potential contenders for the title. However, according to Royal Caribbean Group, the highest-rated cruise destination in the world is a relatively new and laid-back getaway called Perfect Day at CocoCay.

Perfect Day at CocoCay is a private island located in the Bahamas that has recently undergone a significant transformation to become one of the most popular cruise destinations in the world. The island is owned and operated by Royal Caribbean Group, which is the parent company of several major cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea Cruises.

In a research report released by Barclays analyst Brandt Montour, it was revealed that Perfect Day at CocoCay has become the highest-rated destination in Royal Caribbean Group’s portfolio. This accolade is based on passenger ratings and feedback collected from every customer after every sailing.

The success of Perfect Day at CocoCay can be attributed to the significant investments made by Royal Caribbean Group to revamp and expand the island. Over the past few years, the company has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into enhancing the island’s facilities and attractions. This includes the addition of a massive water park, the region’s largest freshwater pool, and a new adults-only zone called Hideaway Beach.

With these additions, Perfect Day at CocoCay has become a massive beach and amusements escape for cruisers, accommodating around 13,000 people at a time. The island is expected to draw approximately 3 million visitors this year, setting a new record for the destination.

The popularity of Perfect Day at CocoCay has positioned Royal Caribbean Group as a leader in the Caribbean cruise market. The company’s success with the island, along with the launch of new Caribbean-based ships like Icon of the Seas, has given them a sustainable competitive advantage over other cruise companies in the region.

As a result of their investments in destinations like Perfect Day at CocoCay and new cruise ships, Royal Caribbean Group has reported record bookings and pricing for cruises in recent months. Voyages are booking out further in advance than ever before, indicating a strong demand for their offerings.

In conclusion, while traditional cruise destinations like Barcelona and Rome may offer iconic sights and cultural attractions, it’s the laid-back and recently created getaway of Perfect Day at CocoCay that has captured the hearts of cruisers worldwide. With its world-class amenities, stunning beaches, and thrilling attractions, Perfect Day at CocoCay has earned its place as the highest-rated cruise destination in the world.

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