The Ultimate Guide (Save Money, Earn Bonus Points)

to stack savings by combining offers with shopping portals. Shopping portals are websites that offer cash back or bonus points for shopping at certain retailers. By first enrolling in an Amex Offer for a specific retailer and then clicking through a shopping portal to make your purchase, you can earn both the statement credit from the Amex Offer and the cash back or bonus points from the shopping portal.

To do this, start by enrolling in the Amex Offer for the retailer you want to shop at. Then, go to a shopping portal that partners with that retailer. Click on the retailer’s link through the shopping portal to be redirected to the retailer’s website. Make your purchase as usual, using your enrolled Amex card.

It’s important to note that not all shopping portals accept American Express as a form of payment. However, some portals do, so it’s worth checking to see if you can stack savings this way.

Tips For Maximizing Your Savings With Amex Offers

1. Enroll in as many offers as possible: Since there is a limit of 100 offers that will show up in your account, enroll in as many offers as you can to increase your chances of saving on purchases.

2. Check your offers regularly: Amex Offers are constantly updated, so make sure to check your account regularly for new offers that you can enroll in.

3. Stack offers with other promotions: As mentioned earlier, you can stack Amex Offers with shopping portals to maximize your savings. Look for other opportunities to combine offers for even more savings.

4. Use the right card for each offer: Depending on the type of offer, you may want to use a specific card to maximize your rewards. For example, use a Membership Rewards earning card for bonus points offers and a cash-back card for cash-back offers.

5. Keep track of statement credits: Make sure to keep track of the statement credits you receive from Amex Offers. This will help you stay on top of your savings and ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.

In conclusion, Amex Offers is a great way for American Express cardholders to save money on purchases and earn bonus points or cash back. By enrolling in offers, using the right card for each offer, and stacking savings with shopping portals, you can maximize your savings and make the program work for you. So next time you make a purchase with your American Express card, be sure to check for any available offers and start saving!

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