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s are approximate as they vary depending on the fare class you book, and the specific route you fly:

Red – 0 Status Credits
Silver – 300 Status Credits
Gold – 700 Status Credits
Platinum – 1,400 Status Credits
Platinum One – 3,600 Status Credits

So, if you are aiming for Gold status, you would need to earn 700 Status Credits within your membership year. This means you could achieve Gold status by taking a return Business Class flight from Sydney to Auckland during a Double Status Credits promotion.

When does Qantas offer Double Status Credits (DSC) promotions?

Qantas typically offers Double Status Credits promotions at strategic times throughout the year. These promotions are usually announced with short notice and run for a limited time. They are designed to encourage loyalty program members to book flights during traditionally slower periods.

The most common times for Qantas to offer Double Status Credits promotions are:

– February/March – after the post-Christmas holiday period
– July/August – during the winter months
– November/December – leading up to the holiday season

It is important to keep an eye on your email inbox, the Qantas website, and social media channels for announcements of upcoming Double Status Credits promotions. Registering for the Qantas newsletter can also ensure you receive timely notifications of these promotions.

Tips for maximizing your Double Status Credits (DSC) promotion

To make the most of a Double Status Credits promotion, consider the following tips:

– Plan your travel in advance – Take advantage of the promotion by booking flights during the eligible dates. Consider your travel plans for the year and book strategically to earn the most Status Credits.

– Book eligible flights – Ensure that the flights you book are on Qantas aircraft with a QF flight number to qualify for the double promotion. Avoid codeshare flights on partner airlines that do not qualify for double status or points.

– Calculate your Status Credits – Determine how many Status Credits you need to reach your desired status level and plan your bookings accordingly. Consider flying in premium cabins or on longer routes to earn more Status Credits.

– Register for the promotion – Don’t forget to register for the Double Status Credits promotion via the Qantas app or website. You must register before making your bookings to be eligible for the double credits.

– Monitor your progress – Keep track of your Status Credits earned during the promotion period. Check your Qantas Frequent Flyer account regularly to ensure you are on track to achieve your desired status level.

In conclusion, the Qantas Double Status Credits promotion is a valuable opportunity for frequent flyers to accelerate their status progression and enjoy enhanced perks and benefits. By taking advantage of these promotions, you can earn double the usual Status Credits for eligible flights and move closer to achieving your desired status level. Remember to plan your travel strategically, book eligible flights, and register for the promotion to maximize your rewards. Happy flying!

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