Store vs. cash-back credit cards: Which one should I get?

you activate by March 31, 2022, and 50% off DashPass for the next nine months.  Cell phone protection (up to $800 per claim and $1,000 per year; $50 deductible) Purchase protection Extended warranty protection  Verdict: If you already have an Amazon Prime membership and do most of your shopping on Amazon, the Prime Visa card may be a good fit for you. However, if you don’t shop on Amazon frequently or don’t have a Prime membership, the Chase Freedom Flex card may be a better option for you.

While the Prime Visa card offers higher rewards on Amazon purchases, the Chase Freedom Flex card offers a higher welcome bonus and more versatile rewards categories. Plus, the Prime Visa card requires an Amazon Prime membership, which may not be worth it if you don’t shop on Amazon enough to justify the membership fee.

For more details, read our full review of the Chase Freedom Flex card.

Apply here: Chase Freedom Flex

Should I get the Target RedCard?

The Target RedCard offers two main benefits: a 5% discount on Target purchases and free shipping on most items on However, it’s important to compare this card to the Citi Double Cash Card:

Target RedCard

Citi Double Cash Card

Welcome bonus



Annual fee




5% on Target purchases

1% when you make a purchase and 1% when you pay it off

Rewards redemption

5% discount applied at checkout

Redeem for cash back or convert to ThankYou points

Other benefits

Free shipping on most items on

No foreign transaction fees

Purchase protection

Citi Concierge

Verdict: While the Target RedCard can be a good option for frequent Target shoppers who value the 5% discount, the Citi Double Cash Card offers more flexibility in rewards redemption and the ability to earn cash back on all purchases, not just those at Target.

If you shop at Target often and can make use of the free shipping benefit, the Target RedCard may be a good fit for you. However, if you prefer a card that offers cash back on all purchases and allows you to redeem rewards in multiple ways, the Citi Double Cash Card may be a better choice.

For more details, read our full review of the Citi Double Cash Card.

Apply here: Citi Double Cash Card

Final thoughts

Store credit cards can be tempting with their promises of immediate savings and exclusive discounts. However, it’s important to consider how these cards fit into your overall financial strategy before signing up.

While some store credit cards can be beneficial for frequent shoppers at specific retailers, others may not offer as much value as a traditional cash-back credit card. Before applying for a store credit card, carefully compare the benefits and rewards offered with those of other credit cards to determine which option is best for you.

Ultimately, the best credit card for you will depend on your spending habits, lifestyle, and financial goals. By carefully evaluating the pros and cons of store credit cards and comparing them to other credit card options, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.

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