Save Over 50% on Dining With New inKind Offer from Citi

InKind is an innovative app that offers users the opportunity to purchase dining credits at a discount, which can then be used to pay for meals at a variety of restaurants listed on the app. This unique concept allows diners to enjoy their favorite meals while saving money in the process. The app is especially popular in major cities across the country, where users can find a wide selection of participating restaurants.

Recently, InKind has introduced a new promotion in partnership with Citi that offers users a $25 statement credit when they deposit $50 or more into their InKind account. This promotion presents a great opportunity for users to save even more money on their dining expenses. By stacking this offer with the existing discounts available through InKind, users can potentially save more than 50% on their dining expenses.

To take advantage of this promotion, users simply need to make a $50 deposit into their InKind account through the designated link provided by Citi. The payment must be made on or before the offer expiration date of 4/30/2024 to qualify for the $25 statement credit. Once the deposit is made, users can use the dining credits to pay for their meals at any of the participating restaurants listed on the app.

One of the key benefits of using InKind is the convenience it offers to users. The process of paying for meals using the app is simple and straightforward. Users can inform their waiter that they will be paying with InKind, and then proceed to enter the check number in the app. This seamless payment process makes dining out with InKind a hassle-free experience for users.

With the new Citi Merchant Offer, users can now purchase $50 in dining credits and receive a $25 statement credit, effectively halving the cost of the dining credits. Additionally, users can also stack this offer with a promotion that offers a $12.50 bonus, further increasing their savings. This means that users can potentially pay just $25 for $62.50 worth of dining credits, making dining out even more affordable.

While the potential savings offered by this promotion are impressive, it is recommended that users start with a single purchase to test the offer. Although purchasing the $62.50 promotion triggered the credit in the past, it is always best to proceed with caution when taking advantage of such deals. By being cautious and strategic in their approach, users can maximize their savings and enjoy discounted dining experiences through InKind.

In addition to the savings offered through the Citi Merchant Offer, InKind also provides users with access to a wide selection of restaurants in major cities like New York City. This allows users to explore a variety of dining options and discover new culinary experiences while enjoying discounted prices. The app’s extensive network of participating restaurants ensures that users can find a meal that suits their preferences and budget.

As with any promotional offer, it is important for users to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure they understand the requirements and eligibility criteria. By following the guidelines provided by Citi and InKind, users can successfully take advantage of the promotion and enjoy significant savings on their dining expenses. With the convenience, savings, and variety of dining options offered by InKind, users can look forward to enjoying more dining experiences while keeping their budgets in check.

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