Save at two Marriott brands with these limited-time targeted offers

The article discusses two targeted travel offers for bookings at Marriott’s Renaissance and TownePlace Suites brands. The offers are available for holders of select Chase credit cards and provide up to 10% cash back on stays at these properties. The article highlights the key terms and conditions of each offer and provides some quick thoughts on the deals.

Starting with the Renaissance offer, cardholders need to spend a minimum of $100 on their stay by 15 March 2024 to qualify for up to 10% cash back with a maximum rebate of $75. The offer is only valid for purchases made directly with the merchant and is not available at other Marriott properties.

The TownePlace Suites offer follows a similar structure, with cardholders required to spend a minimum of $100 on their stay by 19 March 2024 to earn up to 10% cash back with a maximum rebate of $63. The offer is also limited to purchases made directly with the merchant and excludes other Marriott properties.

The article notes that while these offers may not be spectacular, they provide an opportunity for most people with stays at Renaissance and/or TownePlace Suites to receive some kind of rebate on their bookings. With the maximum rebates set as they are, spending up to $750 at Renaissance properties and up to $630 at TownePlace Suites will earn the full 10% rebate.

However, the article cautions that these offers are valid one time only, meaning that once a payment is made with a card to which the offer has been saved, the rebate cannot be earned again with the same card. Additionally, the article highlights that these offers are not being targeted to a wide variety of Chase credit cards, potentially limiting the opportunity to use the offers multiple times by adding them to different cards.

The author shares their personal experience, suggesting that they can only see these offers targeted to the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. While this card earns them 2 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar on Marriott spending, they express a desire for these offers to be available on a few other cards to maximize the savings.

In conclusion, the article informs readers about the targeted travel offers for Renaissance and TownePlace Suites bookings and provides an overview of the key terms and conditions. It emphasizes the potential for cardholders to receive a rebate on their stays and highlights the limitations of the offers in terms of card targeting and usage.

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