Save $225 on select Air New Zealand bookings with this Amex offer [Targeted]

American Express has recently announced a new deal for targeted cardholders, offering a rebate of up to 18% on spending made with Air New Zealand. This offer is available for a limited time and can provide significant savings for those who frequently travel with the airline.

To take advantage of this offer, cardholders must spend a minimum of $1,250 in one or more purchases online at or via the Air NZ US app by 16th March 2024. The flight must originate in the US and be charged in USD to qualify for the rebate.

It’s important to note that cardholders must first add the offer to their American Express card and then use the same card to make the qualifying purchases. Additionally, there is a limit of one enrolled card per card member across all American Express offer channels.

The offer is valid for purchases made directly with Air New Zealand through the US website, the Air NZ US mobile app, or by phone. However, it is not valid for payments made in-person at Air New Zealand ticket offices or airport locations, and it excludes certain bookings such as events, tours, activities, hotels, car rentals, and airport transfers.

Furthermore, the rebate is only applicable to purchases made in US dollars, and there is a limit of one statement credit per card member. The statement credit will appear on the cardholder’s billing statement within 90 days after 16th March 2024, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about the qualifying purchase.

It’s worth mentioning that this offer may not be available to all American Express cardholders, as it is targeted towards specific individuals. Some cardholders may see the offer on their American Express Platinum Card, which offers strong earning rates on select airline spending. However, it may not be visible on other Membership Rewards cards or Marriott and Hilton cards.

Overall, this offer provides an opportunity for American Express cardholders to save on their air travel expenses with Air New Zealand. While $1,250 may not seem like a significant amount to spend on air travel, especially for families or those booking premium cabins, the fact that the spending requirement can be met in multiple transactions makes it more accessible. However, it’s important to note that the travel must originate in the US and be charged in USD to qualify for the rebate.

In conclusion, American Express’s targeted offer for a rebate on spending with Air New Zealand presents a valuable opportunity for eligible cardholders to save on their travel expenses. If you have been targeted for this offer, make sure to take advantage of it before the deadline and enjoy the benefits of the statement credit.

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