Quick Points: Use Flying Blue’s calendar search tool to find cheaper award tickets

Air France-KLM Flying Blue has long been known for having a difficult-to-use award booking platform. However, the European loyalty program has made significant progress in recent years, including squashing its pesky award search glitch and adding complimentary stopovers to its one-way award tickets when booked over the phone. Now, travelers can access the Flying Blue award calendars using a simple trick on Air France’s or KLM’s website, as first reported by Geobreezetravel on Instagram.

Award calendars are an incredibly helpful tool for flexible travelers, especially in programs with dynamic pricing. These calendars display the various award prices for the entire month, allowing travelers to identify which days have the lowest award rates and plan their trips accordingly. This feature can be particularly useful for those looking to maximize the value of their miles and points.

To access the Flying Blue award calendars, travelers can follow a few simple steps on the Air France or KLM website. After logging in to their Flying Blue account, they should select “Book with Miles” and enter their search criteria, leaving the departure date field blank. This will display a calendar view on the next page with the lowest award prices for the next 11 months, allowing travelers to easily identify the most cost-effective dates for their desired itinerary.

For example, a one-way business-class flight from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) in the fall can be quickly compared using the award calendar feature. By selecting the flexible calendar search option, travelers can see the range of award prices for different dates, helping them to choose the most affordable option for their trip.

By using this method, travelers can potentially save a significant number of miles on their award bookings. For instance, a one-way business-class flight on a specific date in October may cost 349,000 miles, while another date in the same month could be available for just 61,000 miles. This flexibility allows travelers to optimize their award redemptions and make the most of their miles and points.

Additionally, travelers can take advantage of complimentary stopovers on one-way award tickets when booking over the phone. By booking a flight with a connection in Paris, for example, travelers can enjoy a free stopover in the city before continuing on to their final destination. This effectively allows travelers to get two flights for the price of one, enhancing the overall value of their award redemption.

In conclusion, accessing the Flying Blue award calendars through the Air France or KLM website can be a valuable tool for travelers looking to maximize the value of their miles and points. By using this simple trick, travelers can easily compare award prices for different dates and plan their trips accordingly. With the added benefit of complimentary stopovers on one-way award tickets, Flying Blue offers a compelling option for savvy travelers seeking to make the most of their loyalty program benefits.

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