JetBlue Airbus A321LR Even More Space review

… entertainment screen. These amenities are helpful for staying connected and charged throughout the flight.

In terms of entertainment, JetBlue offers a wide selection of movies, TV shows, games, and music on its seatback entertainment screens. The screens are a decent size at 10.1 inches, providing a clear and enjoyable viewing experience. Passengers can also connect their own devices to the entertainment system via the USB ports for additional options.

The headphones provided by JetBlue, however, are of poor quality. They are uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time and the sound quality is subpar. I would recommend bringing your own headphones or earbuds for a better audio experience during the flight.

One downside of the Even More Space seats is the limited availability of lavatories. With only two lavatories for the entire economy cabin, there can be long lines and wait times, especially during peak usage periods. This can be inconvenient for passengers, especially on longer flights where bathroom breaks are more frequent.

Overall, JetBlue’s Even More Space seats offer a spacious and comfortable seating option for economy passengers. The extra legroom and amenities such as power outlets and entertainment screens enhance the flying experience. However, the upcharge for these seats may not always be worth it, especially for passengers who do not require the additional legroom. It ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities when flying.

In conclusion, JetBlue’s Even More Space seats provide a premium economy experience within the economy cabin. The seats are comfortable and spacious, with extra legroom and useful amenities like power outlets and entertainment screens. However, the cost of the upgrade may not always justify the benefits for some passengers. It is important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether to book an Even More Space seat on your next JetBlue flight.

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