It’s Bilt Rewards Rent Day: It’s March Madness baby! Vote on the benefit you want most + Use points for March Madness tickets

Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program that offers unique and innovative benefits to its members. As a senior advisor and investor in the company, I have been impressed with the creativity and value that the program provides to its users. In 2022, Bilt Rewards launched a new RENT DAY promo to reward members on the first of every month. The program features a variety of benefits that members can vote on, including discounts on the Bilt Collection, extra points on travel bookings, and free SoulCycle classes.

One of the most exciting aspects of Bilt Rewards is the opportunity to use points for exclusive experiences, such as attending Men’s College Basketball games. This March, members can use their points to gain access to NCAA Men’s Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four games in cities like Dallas, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. The higher your status in the program, the earlier you can secure these coveted tickets.

The program also features fun games like RENT FREE, where members can win prizes like free rent by correctly guessing popular answers to survey questions. Past promotions have included United status trials, transfer bonuses to hotel and airline loyalty programs, and discounts on Lyft rides.

Overall, Bilt Rewards offers a unique and rewarding experience for its members. The program’s combination of creative benefits, exclusive experiences, and engaging games make it a standout in the world of loyalty programs. As a senior advisor to Bilt Rewards, I am excited to see how the program continues to evolve and provide value to its members in the future.

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