It’s Bilt Rewards February Rent Day: 75% to 150% transfer bonus with Aeroplan!

In 2022, Bilt Rewards launched a new promotion called RENT DAY to reward its members on the first of every month. As a senior advisor and investor in the company, I have been impressed with the program’s creativity and the various incentives it offers. From massive transfer bonuses to rent giveaways, Bilt Rewards has consistently provided its members with exciting opportunities to maximize their rewards. And now, they have introduced Bilt Experiences, further expanding the program’s offerings.

To kick off the year, Bilt Rewards offered transfer bonuses ranging from 75% to 150% with Virgin, Flying Blue, and IHG One Rewards in January. These bonuses were absolutely insane and provided members with incredible value. But in February, Bilt Rewards is offering the same bonus levels, this time with Air Canada Aeroplan. This is next level because Aeroplan is one of the best airline programs in the world with 45 partners.

Let’s take a closer look at the 75% to 150% transfer bonus to Aeroplan. These miles are exceptionally valuable due to the various ways you can use them. Additionally, Aeroplan allows you to add a stopover for just 5,000 miles. Here’s a breakdown of the bonus levels:

– 75% Member: 1,000 Bilt Rewards = 1,750 Aeroplan Points
– 100% Silver: 1,000 Bilt Rewards = 2,000 Aeroplan Points
– 125% Gold: 1,000 Bilt Rewards = 2,250 Aeroplan Points
– 150% Platinum: 1,000 Bilt Rewards = 2,500 Aeroplan Points

Aeroplan has partnerships with almost 50 airlines, including Lufthansa, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and United, among others. This allows you to book flights to various destinations around the world using your Aeroplan points.

For example, you can book Lufthansa First Class and Emirates First Class with Aeroplan. The possibilities are endless, and the value you can get from your Aeroplan points is incredible. Here are a few examples of great redemptions:

– North America to Europe: Business Class for 70,000 miles, First Class for 100,000 miles
– Within North America: Under 500 mile flights for 6,000 miles in economy, under 1,500 miles for 10,000 miles in economy, and 20,000 miles in business class
– North America to Asia/South Pacific: USA to Japan/Taipei/Korea for 75,000 miles in Business Class, 110,000 miles in First Class
– USA to New Zealand, USA to Australia via Abu Dhabi: Business Class for 110,000 miles, First Class for 140,000 miles

These are just a few examples, but the possibilities are endless. Aeroplan is truly one of the most valuable airline miles in the business.

In addition to the transfer bonus, Bilt Rewards has also introduced Rent Day Experiences. These exclusive experiences can be redeemed using Bilt Points, and the higher your status, the earlier you can secure one of these experiences. The February experiences revolve around Valentine’s Day and include fancy dining options like Chef’s tables, wine pairings, and tasting menus. These reservations can be made through the Bilt app on February 1st for parties of two to enjoy on February 14th.

The cost of these experiences is $200 or 15,000 Bilt Points for two people. The cities and restaurants participating in the Rent Day Experiences include Miami, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, and Boston, among others. The exact restaurants, reservation times, and costs may be subject to change and will be displayed on the Rent Day tab in the Bilt App.

Apart from the transfer bonus and Rent Day Experiences, Bilt Rewards also offers a game show called ‘RENT FREE,’ where members can participate to win their August rent paid. The game show follows a Family Feud format, and participants need to correctly guess three of the most popular answers to enter the chance to win.

Bilt Rewards has consistently provided its members with exciting promotions and incentives. In the past, they have offered United status trials and challenges, transfer bonuses to various airline partners, points worth more with Amazon, Hyatt trial status and challenge, Lyft credits, and much more.

Additionally, Bilt Rewards offers double points on all non-rent purchases. By using the Bilt Rewards card, members can earn points in various categories such as dining, travel, and all other spend excluding rent. The program also features Point Quest, where members can earn points by answering questions in the Bilt Rewards app.

As part of their Rent Day partnership, Bilt Rewards has also collaborated with SoulCycle. On Rent Day, members can book a SoulCycle class and reserve a free second bike to bring a friend. They can also earn 10x points for attending a Bilt Rent Day SoulCycle class. Additionally, one person attending the class will have the chance to win a free month’s rent.

Bilt Rewards continually introduces new and exciting promotions to enhance the member experience. Whether it’s through transfer bonuses, exclusive experiences, game shows, or partnerships with popular brands, Bilt Rewards aims to provide its members with valuable rewards and opportunities.

In conclusion, Bilt Rewards’ Rent Day promo is a game-changer for rewards programs. With the 75% to 150% transfer bonus to Air Canada Aeroplan, members can earn valuable miles that can be used for various travel redemptions. The Rent Day Experiences offer a unique opportunity to enjoy exclusive dining options, and the game show and partnerships with brands like SoulCycle add an extra layer of excitement. Bilt Rewards continues to innovate and provide its members with exceptional rewards and experiences, making it a program worth considering for anyone looking to maximize their rewards.

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