Ignore the Qatar Airways Avios sale

In recent days, both Qatar Airways and Aer Lingus have launched Avios sales, offering customers the opportunity to purchase Avios with a bonus. While the Qatar Airways sale offers up to a 40% bonus, the Aer Lingus sale offers up to a 50% bonus. In this article, we will explore the details of both sales and discuss whether they are worth taking advantage of.

The Qatar Airways Avios Sale
Qatar Airways is currently offering a bonus of up to 40% on Avios purchases. For example, if you purchase 200,000 Avios, you will receive an 80,000 Avios bonus. The cost of each Avios in this sale is £0.0125. While this may seem like a good deal on the surface, there is actually a better deal available.

The Aer Lingus Avios Sale
Aer Lingus has been running its own Avios sale, offering a bonus of up to 50%. In this sale, you can purchase 300,000 Avios (including the bonus) for £3,539. This means that each Avios is being sold for £0.0118, making the Aer Lingus sale approximately 6% cheaper than the Qatar Airways sale.

Avios Transferability
One important thing to note is that Avios can be transferred for free between various programs. This means that if you need Avios for a specific airline, you can transfer them from your Aer Club account to your British Airways Executive Club account without any fees. Similarly, if you need Avios in your Qatar Airways Privilege Club account, you can move them from Aer Lingus to British Airways and then on to Qatar Airways without incurring any fees.

Key Terms of the Aer Lingus Sale
The Aer Lingus Avios sale is available until 23:59 (GMT) on Monday, January 29, 2024. During this period, customers will receive a 50% bonus on Avios purchases. The bonus Avios will not count towards the annual limit of 200,000 Avios. Avios can only be purchased in specified amounts, starting at a minimum of 2,000 Avios. The purchased Avios will appear as credited in the customer’s AerClub account, and there may be a delay of up to 3 working days before they are credited.

Is the Aer Lingus Deal Worth It?
Whether the Aer Lingus deal is worth it depends on how and when you plan to use the Avios. The best use of Avios is often on short-haul flights within Europe, where taxes and fees are capped. They can also be used on Aer Lingus Business Class flights to/from the US and on Iberia Business Class transatlantic flights, as both airlines charge lower fees for Avios bookings than British Airways.

Before purchasing Avios in this sale, it is important to check that award availability is available on the route(s) you plan to book. It is also recommended to compare the cost of booking the reward flights to the actual cash fare and to the price you would normally be willing to pay for that booking. If the cost of booking the reward flight is cheaper or at least as low as the cash fare, then buying Avios in this sale could be a good option.

Those with a British Airways 2-4-1 companion voucher may also benefit from this sale. By purchasing Avios and transferring them to British Airways or Iberia, you can take advantage of the companion voucher and book a trip for two at a reduced cost.

In conclusion, the Aer Lingus Avios sale offers a decent deal, with each Avios being sold for £0.0118. However, it is important to carefully consider how and when you plan to use the Avios before making a purchase. By doing your due diligence and running the numbers, you can determine whether this sale is a good opportunity for you.

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