Holland America’s latest epic cruise is an island lover’s delight

Looking to explore Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands in one trip? Holland America has a new offering that allows travelers to experience the beauty and diversity of these destinations without the need for inter-island flights. The “Islands of the South Pacific: Sydney to Auckland” voyage will take place on the Noordam, a 1,924-passenger ship, starting on January 4, 2026, in Sydney.

The journey will begin with stops along Australia’s east coast, including Moreton Island, known for its sandy beaches and adventurous activities like sand tobogganing and parasailing, and Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. The ship will continue north, visiting Townsville, a gateway to scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, and Cairns, a vibrant city with access to the reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

After exploring Australia’s east coast, the Noordam will head northeast for a three-day visit to Papua New Guinea. The ship will make stops at Alotau, known for its buzzing harbor and historical significance as the site of the Battle of Milne Bay during World War II, as well as the Conflict Islands and Kiriwina, the largest of the Trobriand Islands.

From Papua New Guinea, the ship will sail eastward to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, another significant World War II site. Guadalcanal is known for its natural beauty, including mountain spires, rocky coastlines, dense rainforests, and stunning waterfalls.

The next 10 days will be spent exploring various island groups, including Vanuatu and Fiji. Vanuatu is an independent country made up of numerous islands, and the ship will visit Luganville, Port Vila, and Mystery Island. Similarly, in Fiji, the Noordam will stop at Lautoka, Suva, and Dravuni Island.

The final Pacific island stops will be in Tonga, another independent country consisting of multiple islands. The ship will visit Vavau and Nukualofa, allowing passengers to experience the unique culture and natural beauty of these destinations.

After touring the Pacific islands, the Noordam will head southwest to New Zealand, with stops in Waitangi and Tauranga, before concluding the trip on February 1, 2026.

This South Pacific itinerary is part of Holland America’s new series of Legendary Voyages, which offer longer sailings ranging from 25 to 59 nights and focus on a single region. These voyages feature special programming and allow passengers to reach far-off destinations without the need for international flights.

Fares for the “Islands of the South Pacific: Sydney to Auckland” voyage start at $3,669 per person, excluding taxes, fees, and port charges. Holland America has been adding additional departures to its lineup of Legendary Voyages, providing more opportunities for travelers to embark on these epic journeys.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to explore Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands in one trip, Holland America’s new South Pacific itinerary offers a fantastic opportunity. With its diverse range of destinations and the convenience of not needing inter-island flights, this month-long voyage is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive and unforgettable experience in this part of the world.

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