Frontier rolls out new business fare

Budget airlines have long been associated with leisure travel, offering low fares but minimal services and amenities. However, Frontier Airlines is looking to change that perception with its new business travel program, BizFare. This program is specifically designed to attract corporate travelers and provide them with a more convenient and rewarding experience.

Frontier Airlines, a Denver-based ultra-low-cost carrier, unveiled the BizFare program as a way to cater to companies booking flights through travel agencies. Unlike typical low-cost airline fares, BizFares include several add-ons that are usually considered extras and come at an additional cost. These add-ons include a carry-on bag, an extra-legroom seat assignment, and flexibility to change itineraries.

The fares for BizFares start at $129, which is higher than the usual consumer fares offered by Frontier. However, the added benefits and services make it a more attractive option for business travelers. In addition to the carry-on bag and extra-legroom seat, BizFares also include no change or cancellation fees, priority boarding, guaranteed overhead bin space, and same-day confirmed ticket changes. Frontier Miles, the airline’s loyalty program, also allows business travelers to earn 10 miles per dollar spent.

These BizFares will be available to travel agencies with access to the Global Distribution System, which means they will likely be accessible to corporate accounts and agencies. However, they may not be available to most individual travelers who book directly through Frontier’s website.

The introduction of the BizFare program is part of a larger strategy shift for Frontier Airlines. Just recently, the airline announced a significant expansion of its route map, targeting major legacy carriers at their hubs. This shift indicates a move towards attracting more business travelers and expanding its customer base beyond leisure travelers. By offering more destination options and frequencies on popular routes, Frontier aims to provide value to business travelers and travel managers.

Overall, Frontier Airlines is making bold moves to position itself as a viable option for business travel. With its BizFare program and revamped route map, the airline hopes to attract corporate travelers who may have previously overlooked budget airlines. By offering bundled fares with added benefits and services, Frontier aims to provide a competitive and appealing option for business travelers seeking cost-effective travel solutions.

In conclusion, Frontier Airlines’ introduction of the BizFare program is a clear attempt to cater to corporate travelers and change the perception of budget airlines in the business travel sector. With its bundled fares and added benefits, Frontier aims to provide a convenient and rewarding experience for business travelers while offering competitive pricing. As the airline continues to make strategic shifts and expand its route map, it will be interesting to see how successful Frontier is in attracting more corporate travelers and establishing itself as a viable option for business travel.

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