Fly the Drake Passage to Antarctic – Lindblad Expeditions From $7,500

Fresh off my 2nd trip to Antarctica expedition in less than 8 months and my 4th expedition in 2023, I am excited to bring you exciting news and an amazing deal. You can now visit Antarctica with National Geographic Lindblad Expeditions with a base price of less than $7,500 per person! Best yet, you can Fly the Drake passage and skip the Drake shake!

The Lindblad Fly the Drake passage is new for the 2024-2025 Antarctic cruise season and is offering one of the best deals in the industry. Embarking on an Antarctica cruise is a dream for many adventure seekers, and Lindblad Expeditions offers a unique way to make this dream a reality. For those who suffer from seasickness and cannot or will not conquer the Drake, this is the most direct way to the Antarctic Peninsula and the smoothest way. Plus, you get an equal amount of time in Antarctica as you don’t have to waste 4 days at sea! If you are wanting to visit the 7th continent, contact us at Scott & Thomas Travel, your Antarctica Experts!

Fly to Antarctica: The Drake Passage Challenge
Known for its turbulent seas, the Drake Passage is a formidable obstacle for those seeking to reach Antarctica and South Georgia Island. Lindblad Expeditions, however, has turned this challenge into an opportunity by offering a flight option to King George Island in the South Shetland Islands. Flying from South America over the Drake Passage not only saves time but also provides passengers with a breathtaking aerial perspective of this remote and icy wilderness.

Lindblad is the leader in expedition and NO company provides the level of service, comfort, and knowledge that Lindblad and their expedition offers. I sell a lot of Antarctica and have traveled with nearly every expedition company and hands down, Lindblad wins EVERY time. I always compare my trips to my previous Lindblad Expedition.

Why Travel with Lindblad Expeditions
Lindblad Expeditions has the most experience in Antarctica. Lindblad led the first tourist expedition to Antarctica in 1966 and was among the first companies to bring tourists to the Galápagos Islands starting in 1967. Being born in Expeditions, Lindblad knows how to explore and get guests close to nature. Lindblad is so good at it, they are the only company that partners with National Geographic and has a Nat Geo photographer on every expedition! Learn more about this trip and the ship with the lovely video below:

What’s included in the Cost
When you travel with Lindblad Expeditions to Antarctica, nearly everything you can think of is included in the cost of your trip. Unlike other companies, you are not nickel and dimed. Most companies charge over $200 for kayaking in Antarctica. With Lindblad, it’s free!

Pricing Includes:
– Excursions, hotels, and airport transfers, as indicated in the itinerary
– Selection of exploration tools curated to your destination, such as Zodiacs and glass-bottom boats, stand-up paddleboards, kayaks
– Expert Guidance and company of our leading expedition leader and staff
– All meals, both aboard and onshore. Meals are inspired by regional cuisine and locally sourced where possible.
– Hors d’oeuvres inspired by regional cuisine and locally sourced where possible
– 24-hour access to snacks, premium coffees and teas, non-alcoholic beverages, and filtered water
– Beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits
– Crew gratuities
– Complimentary Starlink-enabled wi-fi internet is available to all guests aboard our US-flagged and blue water vessels, enabling email, messaging, and social media.
– Presentations on your destination by expedition staff and expert guest speakers
– Complimentary reusable water bottle to fill at onboard water refill stations
– The services of a physician, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or paramedic
– Morning stretch classes and 24-hour access to exercise equipment where available
– 24-hour access to lounges, observation decks, library stocked with regionally relevant literature, and other shared spaces
– Complimentary Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic parka
– Assistance by the onboard National Geographic Photography Expert
– Access to the OM System Photo Gear Locker with the latest gear to try out on loan
– Park and site entrance fees, special access permits, and port taxes

Pay once and forget. Unless you visit the Spa for a massage, you honestly won’t pay another dime! On these Fly the Drake packages, the trip begins and ends in Puerto Natales, Chile. Many trips begin in Buenos Aires, but Nat Geo is shaking it up. You do have to get yourself there, but that’s easy with multiple daily non-stop flights from Santiago, Chile to choose from and often less than $75 per person. There is a hotel stay built into the trip on both on day 1 before your flight to Antarctica and again on the return on Day 7. On Day 8, you can fly back to Santiago to catch an international flight home or stay and check out Patagonia.

Fly the Drake Introductory Pricing
National Geographic Expeditions through Lindblad Expeditions is offering Fly The Drake introductory pricing that cannot be beaten. These 9-day trips on The National Geographic Explorer expedition ship are nearly ½ the price of their expeditions which sail from Ushuaia to the White Continent. Starting at just $7,475 per traveler, these pricing cannot be beaten! The current sale price includes a $500 discount.

– Nov 26 – Dec 3, 2024
– Dec 1 – Dec 8, 2024
– Dec 15 – Dec 22, 2024
– Dec 20 – Dec 27, 2024
– Jan 3 – Jan 10, 2025
– Jan 8 – Jan 15, 2025
– Jan 22 – Jan 29, 2025
– Jan 27 – Feb 3, 2025
– Feb 10 – Feb 17, 2025
– Feb 15 – Feb 22, 2025

Category 1 rooms – porthole windows
Category 2 and 3 rooms. Category 3 rooms are 40 sq ft larger plus have an espresso machine
Category 5 rooms have a Veranda for prime viewing
Category 7 rooms are the largest suites on the ship with a balcony and ton of windows. Prime for Antarctica viewing

Note, the price of the charter flight to King George Island is not included in the list fare. This costs $1,000 per person, per direction.

Ready to book or have more questions? Email Rocky Today!

Exploring Antarctica’s Wonders:
Once on the continent, Lindblad Expeditions offers a variety of activities to immerse you in the unique beauty of Antarctica. From kayaking through iceberg-studded waters and along ice sheets to cruising alongside curious gentoo penguins and Weddell seals, every moment is a chance to witness the unique wildlife and stunning landscapes that define this frozen polar region.

I LOVE Lindblad, among my favorite companies to travel with. If you want the best expedition company with the most experience, look no further!

Prepare yourself for maximum time off the ship. With only 148 other guests max, you can spend hours off the ship and on land every day. Expect at least 2 landings per day and possibly additional activities such as zodiac cruises and kayaking. Lindblad has the most experience and will ensure you have the best trip possible.

Antarctica is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including seals, whales, and countless penguins and seabirds. Lindblad Expeditions prioritizes responsible and sustainable tourism, ensuring that your interactions with the wildlife are respectful and environmentally conscious. Imagine watching a colony of penguins waddle along the shore or witnessing majestic whales breach the surface – these are the moments that make Antarctica truly magical and what keeps me going back.

Unlike other companies, Lindblad lets the animals dictate your expedition. Stopping the ship to watch a pod of Orcas feeding or following blue whales as they swim alongside the ship. Offering the most up-close and personalized animal encounters. Plus, with a true open bridge and expedition staff on the bridge at all times, the expedition team truly works with the ship captain to provide guests with not only a world-class experience but the BEST in the industry. You can read more about my experience with Lindblad on the National Geographic Resolution. By far the BEST expedition I’ve done to date!

Bottom Line:
Flying over the Drake Passage with Lindblad Expeditions is not just a means of transportation; it’s a prelude to a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for travelers to Antarctica. From the adrenaline rush of crossing the Southern Ocean to the serene beauty of the Antarctic Peninsula, Lindblad Expeditions offers an unparalleled experience. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to explore the pristine wilderness of Antarctica. Start planning your trip with Scott & Thomas Travel today!

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