February Bilt Rent Day Offers Include 150% Transfer Bonus, Double Points on All Purchases and More

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February Bilt Rent Day Offers

Bilt, a popular rewards program, has recently announced the details for its upcoming Rent Day on February 1, 2024. This Rent Day will bring exciting promotions and offers, including a new transfer bonus, Valentine’s Day reservations at popular restaurants, rent-free game show, SoulCycle rides, double points earnings, and a trivia game.

Transfer Bonus

One of the highlights of February Bilt Rent Day is the new status-based transfer bonus to Aeroplan. This means that Bilt Rewards members can get more value for their Bilt Points when they transfer them to Aeroplan. The transfer bonus varies based on the member’s Bilt Rewards status. Platinum members can enjoy a 150% bonus, Gold members can get a 125% bonus, Silver members receive a 100% bonus, and Blue members get a 75% bonus. The bonus will be based on the member’s status as of January 1, 2024.

Reservations at Popular Restaurants

As part of the February Rent Day promotions, Bilt Rewards members have the opportunity to score Valentine’s Day reservations at popular restaurants in major cities. The reservations will be bookable in the Bilt app on February 1st and will be available for parties of 2. The menus for the Valentine’s Day dinners will be decided in advance and promoted in the app at the time of booking. The cost for this experience is $200 or 15,000 Bilt Points for two people.

Rent Free™ Game Show

Bilt has introduced a new game show called Rent Free™, where popular personalities compete to help participants win free rent. To demonstrate how the game works, Bilt has enlisted the help of singer, actor, and NSYNC alumni, Lance Bass. Bilt has asked 1,000 Bilt Members some interesting questions, and participants can play by submitting their guesses to one of these questions. If they can correctly guess three of the most popular answers, they will be entered for a chance to have their February rent paid.

SoulCycle Rent Day Rides

Bilt Rewards members can also enjoy SoulCycle’s signature 45-minute full-body indoor cycling workout for free. They can book a complimentary bike directly in the Bilt app on a first-come, first-served basis. Additionally, one lucky rider will have the chance to win a free month of rent.

Double Points

On Rent Day, Bilt Mastercard holders can take advantage of double points earnings. This means that they will earn accelerated points across non-rent spend categories. Dining purchases will earn 6x points, travel purchases will earn 4x points, and other spend excluding rent will earn 2x points. Cardholders can earn up to 10,000 bonus points from 12:00 am ET on February 1 through 11:59 pm PT on February 1. It’s important to note that cardholders must use their card at least 5 times each statement period to earn points.

Point Quest Trivia

To earn extra Bilt Points, members can participate in the Point Quest Trivia game show, available only in the Bilt app on February 1st. By answering five trivia questions, participants can win up to 150 Bilt Points. If they answer all five questions correctly, they will have access to a bonus question for another 100 Bilt Points, bringing the total to 250 Bilt Points.

In conclusion, the February Bilt Rent Day offers a range of exciting promotions and opportunities for Bilt Rewards members. From the transfer bonus to Aeroplan, Valentine’s Day reservations at popular restaurants, the Rent Free™ game show, SoulCycle rides, double points earnings, and the Point Quest Trivia game, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking to maximize your Bilt Points, have a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, win free rent, or earn extra points, the February Bilt Rent Day has you covered.

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