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Etihad Airlines is currently offering some incredibly attractive fares to various European capital cities for under AU$6,000. This offer is valid for travel between 15 February and 30 April 2024 and is only available for the next two days, ending on Thursday, 8 February. While these cities may be considered ‘secondary’ capitals, the affordability of the fares makes it a deal worth considering.

Here are a few examples of the discounted airfares offered to Etihad Guest members, the airline’s frequent flyer scheme:

– Barcelona: AU$5,978 (360,000 miles)
– Dublin: AU$7,586 (360,000 miles)
– Madrid: AU$5,978 (360,000 miles)
– Manchester: AU$5,992 (360,000 miles)
– Milan: AU$5,977 (340,000 miles)
– Zurich: AU$5,979 (340,000 miles)

Comparing these prices to the fares found on Google for Barcelona in Business class, there is a significant difference. Google shows prices starting at AU$7,000 with most flights requiring two stops. Therefore, the fares offered by Etihad are indeed a great deal.

It is important to note that these discounted fares are for the lowest-priced Business Class tickets, which means they may not include all the privileges associated with higher fares. For example, there may be limitations on services like the chauffeur service and reduced frequent flyer earnings. Additionally, there are blackout periods, so flexibility with departure and arrival dates is necessary.

In addition to the discounted fares, Etihad is also promoting a Status Match program. However, there are some limitations and conditions to be aware of. The Status Match is only available for Etihad Silver and Gold status, not Platinum. Benefits of these statuses include priority check-in, additional baggage allowance, bonus points on eligible flights, and access to partner lounges such as Virgin Australia and the new Business Class lounge in Abu Dhabi.

While Etihad is not matching top-tier statuses like Qantas Platinum, the opportunity to bypass the usual requirements of 20 (Silver) or 40 (Gold) flight segments to qualify for these statuses is significant.

This promotion is primarily targeting frequent flyers in Australia and India, and eligible members can apply by joining the Etihad Guest program and submitting a status match application. There is a fee of US$59 (~AUD$91) for Silver applicants or US$99 (~AUD$153) for Gold, which provides three months of upgraded status. To extend the status for an additional 12 months, at least one eligible flight must be completed with Etihad Airways within the initial three-month period.

Although Etihad is not a member of any airline alliance, it has an extensive list of partners, including Air NZ, ANA, Garuda, Korean, and Virgin Australia. This partnership network opens up more opportunities for travelers.

In conclusion, if you have plans to travel on Etihad in the next three months or want to take advantage of the current sale, the status match program is definitely worth considering. While many of the privileges associated with Silver and Gold status can already be enjoyed as a Business class passenger, having the upgraded status will be beneficial when traveling in a lower class on Etihad.

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