Chase Sapphire Reserve to lose Priority Pass restaurant access in July 2024

Chase’s Decision to Remove Priority Pass Restaurant Access: What It Means for Cardholders

Chase has recently announced that it will be removing Priority Pass restaurant access from its popular Chase Sapphire Reserve card, along with the J.P. Morgan Reserve and the Ritz-Carlton Card. This move comes as a disappointment to many cardholders who have enjoyed this unique benefit as part of their credit card perks.

The news was first reported by Danny the Deals Guru, and it has since sparked a discussion among travel enthusiasts and credit card users. The removal of Priority Pass restaurant access is a significant change, as it was one of the main selling points of the Chase Sapphire Reserve card. This benefit allowed cardholders to dine at select restaurants in airports across the U.S. and receive a credit for their meal, up to $28 per person.

With Chase’s decision to remove this benefit, cardholders will no longer have access to over 35 Priority Pass restaurants in various airports, both domestically and internationally. This change will take effect from July 1, 2024, and it will also impact cardholders of the J.P. Morgan Reserve and the Ritz-Carlton Card.

American Express had previously removed this benefit in 2019, and Capital One followed suit in 2023 with its Venture X Rewards Credit Card. Now, the list of cards that still offer Priority Pass restaurant access is dwindling, leaving fewer options for cardholders who value this perk.

The removal of Priority Pass restaurant access is a blow to cardholders who enjoyed the convenience and value of dining at airport restaurants with their credit card benefits. Many travelers appreciated the opportunity to enjoy a meal before their flight or during a layover, without having to worry about the cost.

One of the unique aspects of the Priority Pass restaurant access was that it offered a credit for dining, which made it a valuable benefit for cardholders. This credit allowed travelers to enjoy a meal without having to pay out of pocket, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to make the most of their travel rewards.

TPG managing editor of credit cards, Matt Moffitt, shared his disappointment at the news, as he valued the Priority Pass membership that came with his Sapphire Reserve card over others. He noted that the restaurant access was a key factor in his decision to hold onto the card, and losing this benefit will be a significant loss for many cardholders.

While cardholders will still have access to other Priority Pass experiences, such as Be Relax spas, losing access to restaurants is a notable change. Many are hopeful that Chase will introduce new benefits to compensate for the loss of this valuable perk, but for now, cardholders will have to adjust to the changes in their credit card benefits.

In conclusion, the removal of Priority Pass restaurant access from the Chase Sapphire Reserve, J.P. Morgan Reserve, and Ritz-Carlton cards is a significant change that will impact cardholders who valued this benefit. As the list of cards offering this perk continues to shrink, travelers will have fewer options for enjoying complimentary meals at airport restaurants. It remains to be seen how Chase will respond to the feedback from cardholders and whether they will introduce new benefits to make up for the loss of this popular perk.

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