Cabin locations on cruise ships you should definitely avoid

provide a picturesque view. These are known as obstructed-view cabins, and they can be a disappointment for passengers who were expecting a clear view of the ocean.

Obstructed-view cabins are typically located on the lower decks of the ship, where lifeboats or other equipment obstruct the view from the window. While these cabins may be slightly cheaper than cabins with unobstructed views, they can still be a letdown for passengers who were hoping for a scenic view.

The degree of obstruction can vary from cabin to cabin. Some obstructed-view cabins may have a partial view of the ocean, while others may have a view completely blocked by lifeboats or other equipment. It’s important to carefully review the deck plans and cabin descriptions before booking to ensure you know what to expect.

For some passengers, the lack of a view may not be a major issue. If you plan to spend most of your time outside of your cabin, participating in activities around the ship, or exploring ports of call, then the view from your cabin may not be a top priority. However, if you enjoy spending time in your cabin and appreciate a scenic view, an obstructed-view cabin may not be the best choice for you.

There are a few reasons why you might want to avoid obstructed-view cabins. Firstly, the lack of a view can make the cabin feel more closed off and claustrophobic. The natural light and sense of openness that comes with a window can greatly enhance the overall experience of being in a cabin. Without a view, the cabin may feel more cramped and less inviting.

Additionally, obstructed-view cabins may not receive as much natural light as cabins with unobstructed views. This can make the cabin feel darker and less welcoming. If you enjoy waking up to the sunlight streaming through your window, an obstructed-view cabin may not provide the same experience.

Another potential drawback of obstructed-view cabins is that they may not offer the same level of privacy as cabins with unobstructed views. Passengers in these cabins may have to keep their curtains closed to maintain privacy, as people passing by on the deck could potentially see inside. This can further contribute to the feeling of being closed off and confined in the cabin.

While obstructed-view cabins may not be ideal for everyone, they can still be a viable option for budget-conscious travelers or those who don’t prioritize the view from their cabin. If you’re comfortable with the potential drawbacks and don’t mind sacrificing a clear view of the ocean, an obstructed-view cabin can still provide a comfortable and enjoyable cruise experience.

In conclusion, while the worst cruise ship cabin I ever had was located in the “Bermuda Triangle of Bad Cabins” on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, there are several other types of cabins that you should usually avoid. These include cabins near elevators, above nightclubs or late-night venues, above the casino, below the pool deck, near the anchor, and anywhere close to the bow. Additionally, obstructed-view cabins may not provide the picturesque view that many passengers desire. Carefully considering the location and features of cabins before booking can help ensure a more enjoyable and comfortable cruise experience.

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