Buy Marriott Bonvoy points from 0.89 cents each (possibly targeted)

Marriott has recently launched its first major points sale of the year, offering Bonvoy members a bonus of up to 40% when they purchase points before the end of March. This promotion may be targeted, so it’s important to check if you have access to the sale and if you meet the qualifying criteria.

The key terms of the promotion state that transactions must be completed between February 8 and March 31, 2024, to be eligible for the 40% bonus. The minimum purchase to qualify for the bonus is 2,000 points. Additionally, the bonus points earned through this promotion do not count towards the annual purchase limit of 100,000 points.

The cost per point varies depending on the number of points purchased. For example, if you buy 2,000 points, you’ll end up with 2,800 points (after the 40% bonus) for $25. This equates to a cost per point of approximately 0.89 cents. On the other hand, if you purchase 100,000 points, you’ll receive a total of 140,000 points at a cost of $1,250, resulting in a cost per point of around 0.83 cents.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the best deal Marriott has offered in the past, but it’s still a decent offer. The value of Marriott Bonvoy points is typically around 0.6 cents each. However, there are opportunities to get more value out of each point, such as at St. Regis properties in New York City and Bal Harbour, where you can get 1.25 and over 1.8 cents of value per point, respectively.

When purchasing Marriott Bonvoy points, keep in mind that the sale is processed by, which means you won’t earn bonus points by using a credit card that offers rewards for travel or hotel spending. However, this can be a good opportunity to work towards a welcome bonus on a credit card or boost your earnings in a particular currency.

Ultimately, whether this sale is worth it depends on how you plan to use the points. If you have a specific booking in mind where the points will offer significant savings compared to the cash rate, then it may be worth buying points. However, if you don’t have immediate plans for using the points, it’s best to pass on the sale.

To make an informed decision, compare the cost of a night at the properties you’re interested in visiting with the cost of an award night paid for with points purchased in this sale. Only if the math clearly makes sense should you proceed with buying points.

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