Amex Offers: Spend $350 at Hertz get $90 back ( targeted )

Amex Offers: Spend $250 at Hertz get 5000 points or $50 back

The American Express (Amex) Offers program is a popular feature among Amex cardholders that provides various discounts and benefits to its users. One of the recent offers that has caught the attention of many is the Hertz offer, where cardholders can earn 5000 points or get $50 back when they spend $250 or more at Hertz.

Hertz is a well-known car rental company that operates globally, catering to both leisure and business travelers. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from and a reputation for excellent customer service, Hertz is a preferred choice for many travelers.

The Amex Offers program is designed to provide added value to cardholders by offering exclusive deals and discounts at various merchants. These offers are tailored to individual cardholders based on their spending patterns and preferences, making it a personalized and targeted program.

The Hertz offer is one of the many offers available through the Amex Offers program. It provides cardholders with the opportunity to earn 5000 points or get $50 back when they spend $250 or more at Hertz. This offer can be especially beneficial for frequent travelers who often rent cars for their trips.

To take advantage of this offer, cardholders need to first log in to their Amex online account and navigate to the Amex Offers section. Here, they will find a list of available offers, including the Hertz offer. Cardholders can then add the offer to their card and proceed to make a qualifying purchase at Hertz.

Once the purchase is made, cardholders will either receive 5000 points or a $50 credit on their Amex statement, depending on the offer they selected. This can be a significant benefit for cardholders, as it effectively reduces the cost of renting a car from Hertz.

The 5000 points earned through this offer can be valuable for Amex cardholders who participate in a rewards program, such as Membership Rewards. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including travel, merchandise, and gift cards. Cardholders can also transfer these points to airline and hotel partners for additional value.

On the other hand, the $50 credit provides immediate savings for cardholders. This can help offset the cost of the car rental or be used for other expenses. Regardless of the option chosen, cardholders can benefit from this offer by effectively reducing their expenses when renting a car from Hertz.

It is important to note that the Hertz offer is targeted, meaning not all Amex cardholders will have access to this specific offer. The offer may only be available to a select group of cardholders, based on various factors such as spending patterns, location, and card type. Cardholders should regularly check their Amex Offers to see if they have been targeted for this offer or any other offers that may be of interest to them.

Overall, the Hertz offer through the Amex Offers program provides cardholders with a great opportunity to save money or earn valuable points when renting a car from Hertz. Whether cardholders choose to earn 5000 points or get $50 back, this offer can significantly enhance the value of their Amex card and make renting a car more affordable. Cardholders should keep an eye out for this offer and other Amex Offers that can help them save money and earn rewards on their everyday purchases.

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