Amex is targeting select business card holders for new spending bonuses

American Express has recently launched a targeted spending bonus offer for holders of its business cards. While there may be multiple versions of this offer available, the one I will be discussing is the one I have personally seen in my online account. These targeted offers typically have a limited enrollment period, so it’s important for cardholders to add the offer to their account when they know they will be able to meet the spending requirements within the given timeframe.

The headline details of the offer are as follows: cardholders can earn an additional 2,500 Membership RewardsĀ® points by using their enrolled eligible Business Card to make a minimum of $10,000 or more in qualifying purchases. Once the offer has been added to the card, cardholders will have 90 days to reach the spending target.

Before diving into the details of the offer, it’s worth noting that American Express has certain limitations and restrictions in place. American Express Corporate Cards, prepaid card products, and Cards issued outside the United States are not eligible for this offer. Additionally, each Card Member is limited to one enrolled Card across all American Express offer channels. The offer only applies to purchases made in US dollars and does not include cash advances, other fees and charges, or foreign currency conversion fees.

Based on the value that I personally place on Membership Rewards Points, which is 1.5 cents each, the added incentive offered by Amex is worth approximately $37.50 for $10,000 of spending. While this may not seem like a generous offer, it’s important to consider individual spending habits and determine if the spending target is achievable and worthwhile for each cardholder.

For those who primarily use their eligible card for unbonused spending, such as the Blue Business Plus Credit Card from American Express, the spending target may be difficult to meet. This particular card offers 2 points per dollar on up to $50,000 of spending per year, making it a great option for non-bonused spending. However, the bonus points offered by this targeted promotion may not be enough to incentivize cardholders to use this card more frequently than they already do.

It’s worth mentioning that variations of this offer are likely available to different cardholders. In previous years, Amex has published similar offers with varying spending requirements and bonus points. These offers should be viewed as nice bonuses if cardholders can meet the spending targets with organic spending, without going out of their way to earn the bonus. If the spending levels on the targeted card would not otherwise be as high as the offer requires, it may be best to ignore the offer as the payoffs may not justify diverting spending from cards that offer a better rate of return.

In conclusion, American Express is targeting select business cardholders with offers that provide bonus points for meeting preset spending targets within a 90-day period. While the offers may not be lucrative enough to justify additional spending on cards that wouldn’t otherwise see that spending, they can be beneficial for cardholders who can meet the spending requirements with organic spending alone. It’s always important to evaluate individual spending habits and determine if the offer aligns with personal financial goals.

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