$35 New Member Referral Bonus February 2024 With RebatesMe

When you sign up as a new member of RebatesMe, you will receive a bonus of $35.00 via referral when you earn a minimum of ten dollars cash back on qualifying purchases within 365 days of your new membership — and the $35 new member referral bonus February 2024 is one of the better referral offers from RebatesMe.

…and if you are already a member of RebatesMe, you can get the same bonus of $35.00 for referring other potential members.

After becoming a member of RebatesMe and earning a minimum of ten dollars cash back on qualifying purchases, your bonus of $35.00 will be added to your account. If that minimum requirement is not met within 365 days, the referral bonus will be canceled.

Referrals are considered “qualified” only when they earn a minimum of $10.00 in cash back from RebatesMe within 90 days of signing up for an account.

This deal from RebatesMe is only available through Sunday, February 18, 2024.

This offer is valid only for natural persons; and it excludes:

Cash back monitoring site members
Past and present affiliates, partners, and employees of RebatesMe

RebatesMe does not allow members to bid on or use the “RebatesMe” brand or keywords to earn referral bonuses without authorization, as doing so will result in cancellation of bonuses.

Other terms and conditions apply with the Refer-a-Friend Program from RebatesMe.

Final Boarding Call

I wonder what is meant by “This offer is valid only for natural persons”. Does that mean that unnatural persons are not eligible to participate in this promotion? What is the definition of a natural person versus an unnatural person?!?

See also

Anyway, if you use this link to become a new member and earn a minimum of ten dollars cash back on qualifying purchases, both you and I will each receive $35.00…

…and if you do use that link, thank you — I appreciate it.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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