It’s Bilt Rewards Rent Day: Easy 2000 Points + 5x Grocery for Platinum and Gold Members

Bilt Rewards has been shaking up the loyalty game with their innovative and creative promotions that keep their members engaged and excited. As a Senior Advisor and investor in the company, I have been thoroughly impressed with the way Bilt Rewards has been able to provide unique and valuable benefits to their members.

One of the most recent promotions that Bilt Rewards launched is the Rent Day promo, which rewards Bilt Rewards members on the first of every month. This promo allows members to vote on the benefit they would like to receive and also offers the opportunity to use points for exclusive experiences, such as attending Men’s College Basketball games.

In March, Bilt Rewards introduced a new Rent Day promo where members could vote on the benefit they wanted the most. The options included 50% off the Bilt Collection, triple the number of Rent Free winners, and 15X points on various activities through the Bilt Travel Portal. Members with Gold or Platinum status could also earn additional points for specific purchases, such as groceries and gas.

The Rent Day promo also included the opportunity to use points for exclusive experiences, such as attending NCAA Men’s Sweet 16, Elite Eight, and Final Four games in various cities across the country. The higher the member’s status, the earlier they could gain access to these coveted experiences.

In addition to the Rent Day promo, Bilt Rewards also introduced a fun game show called ‘RENT FREE’, where members could win the chance to have their rent paid for the month of August. The game show, hosted by Michael Rapaport, was a fun and interactive way for members to engage with the Bilt Rewards platform.

Looking back at past Rent Day promos, Bilt Rewards has offered a variety of exciting benefits and rewards to their members. From United status trials and transfer bonuses to IHG and Hawaiian Airlines, to exclusive access to sports tickets and shopping discounts, Bilt Rewards has consistently delivered value to their members.

As a Senior Advisor to Bilt Rewards, I am proud to be a part of a company that is dedicated to providing unique and valuable benefits to their members. The Rent Day promo is just one example of how Bilt Rewards is shaking up the loyalty game and providing innovative ways for members to earn and redeem rewards. I am excited to see what other exciting promotions and benefits Bilt Rewards will offer in the future.

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