Cool new United feature notifies you if your preferred seat becomes available

United’s mobile app has long been one of the best in the industry, and it’s getting even more useful with the introduction of a new feature that allows travelers to sign up for seat notifications if their preferred seat is not available at the time of booking. This new feature is set to launch on Friday, March 22, and will be available to all users of the United mobile app.

When booking or managing a flight on the United mobile app, travelers will now have the option to request their desired seat while browsing the seat map. This means that even if only middle seats are available at the time of booking, travelers can set an alert to be notified if a window or aisle seat becomes available closer to the departure date.

The app will also allow users to opt into notifications for exit rows and bulkhead (first-row) seats, giving travelers more control over their seating preferences. If a desired seat choice becomes available, the app will automatically notify the user and prompt them to process the seat change.

It is not clear how frequently the app will check the seat map on behalf of the user or whether it will automatically switch the user to their preferred seat if it becomes available. However, this new feature is a welcome addition for travelers who have specific seating preferences and want to ensure they have the best possible seat for their flight.

United has not specified which travelers will be included in the first group of users to access this new feature, but it is expected to roll out to a broader group of users in the coming weeks. This new service is free for all United travelers and is designed to incentivize more downloads and engagement with the app, which currently has three million daily users.

This new seat preference feature is the latest in a series of initiatives by United to simplify the digital travel experience for its customers. Previous initiatives include Live Activities on the latest iPhone devices and an all-in-one rebooking center for delays and cancellations. By offering a seat preference feature, United becomes the first and only U.S. airline to provide this service to its customers.

For travelers booking tickets on other airlines, there are several third-party tools available that can monitor seat assignments and notify users if better seats become available. One such tool is ExpertFlyer, which allows users to set seat alerts on most major airlines and sends email and text notifications when seats open up. ExpertFlyer is owned by TPG parent company Red Ventures.

In conclusion, the new seat preference feature on the United mobile app is a valuable addition for travelers who have specific seating preferences and want to ensure they have the best possible seat for their flight. By offering this feature, United is further enhancing its reputation as a customer-focused airline that is committed to providing a seamless and convenient travel experience for its passengers.

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